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Heritage & Urban Development in Pok Fu Lam: Bridging History and Future Through a Heritage Tour



紙本規格 Book specification

96 pages.

Full-colour. Softcover. Extended spread. Translucent paper.

150mm x 120mm


Geography, Travel & Maps/ History of Hong Kong

​Not for Sales









Chief Editor: Gary Wong

Collaborator: Department of Sociology, The University of Hong Kong

This is a pocket size guidebook of Pokfulam, where situated at the southwest of Hong Kong Island. This travel guidebook introduces the heritage, urban development and daily lives of residents at Pokfulam. A companion website can be found here:


Pokfulam is primarily a residential district, with declared monuments, a country park, relics of dairy farming facilities, one of the oldest villages in Hong Kong, as well as the city’s first reservoir and first university. Various means like good photos, translucent paper and extended spread are used to showcase the distinctiveness of Pokfulam to readers.


The content of this travel guidebook has been rewritten based on the student projects of a course offered by Department of Sociology, the University of Hong Kong. EDGE provided support in editorial, design, fact-checking, distribution and website production.


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