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紙本規格 Book Specification

196 pages

Full-colour. Softcover

250 mm x 150 mm

Traditional Chinese and English

Popular Culture/ Social Science









Author: Katrien Jacobs
Translator: Jing Yang
ISBN: 9789881965592

Eric, K. W. Ma (Professor, School of Journalism and Communication, CUHK): “This book offers a very compelling and readable visual ethnographic account… her exquisite and sensitive depictions draw readers into a deeper involvement with the characters and stories… The author’s detailed articulation leads readers to step back from their quest for exotic novelties, helps them to enter the daily life of transgendered people and cosplayers, and hence invites them to start their own interpretive re-rereading and rediscovery and reflection… With a focus on visualise, body and identity, this book also helps readers understand body politics and of consumer culture in general.


Travis, S. K. Kong (Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, HKU): “Hong Kong needs Katrien. Not just due to the fact that she is famous in using provocative and controversial materials as a tool of pedagogy in helping students understand digital networks, media technologies, arts and censorship but also because of the fact that her work brings a new direction to academic endeavour… She always challenges conventional research methodology with creative and audiovisual documentation, blurs academic disciplines with artistic creation, and expands our imaginations of the impossible…


This book is a travelogue of a Belgian scholar’s discovery of popular cultures and ACG (Anime, Comics and Games) subcultures in East Asia…


Kyoto: Animating Ball-Jointed Dolls and the Deity of Transformation

Hong Kong: Subterranean Journey into Cross-Dressing and Transsexualism

Beijing: Communist Events Organization and Artistic Cooperation

Bandung: Breath of Fire in the Lucky Square’s Parking Garage


This bilingual book records the experience of ACG lovers and cosplayers in understanding their imagined selves in both reality and fantasy, as well as reflecting on major social and political issues of ACG subcultures, digital technologies and virtual fantasy processes.

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